Marjon Siero

Digital Creator - UX/UI Designer

About Me

I am an experienced User Experience & User Interface Designer based in Amsterdam. After working for a few years in digital marketing as a web designer, I dove in to web development. I spend a summer learning how to code but decided to specialize in UX/UI because of my love of design. With experience in web design, app design, journey mapping, wireframing & prototyping, A/B testing and working on multiple design systems I am about to start my next adventure as a UX/UI instructor at Ironhack.

Get in touch for design work or collaborations, follow me on Instagram or connect with me on LinkedIn! Interested in learning more about UX/UI? Check out some of the Ironhack workshops I will be teaching in Amsterdam.

Besides a digital creator, I am a great outdoors lover and quite the music addict. My favorite places to be are in the mountains, in or near the ocean or at a live music event. My day is not properly starting without a cup (or two) of coffee.

Best Projects

Find some of my projects below.

Charmante Maritime

Web Design / Branding

Coffee Locator

UI/UX design / App design



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